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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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A census taken in the spring of 1885 showed a population of
5,548. It is reasonable to conclude that in the present year it
will reach an aggregate of 6,000.


The Seymour Woolen-mill Company was organized in 1865
by Butler & Love. Re-organized in 1872, with Louis Schneck as
president, and A. N. Meyer, secretary. The sales of this estab-
lishment in 1884 aggregated $136,000. The company employs
about 100 persons.

The Seymour Manufacturing Company was organized in
1872 for the manufacture of spokes and cradle frames. About
$100,000 is now invested, and an average of ninety hands are
constantly employed. F. M. Swope, president; Lynn Faulkconer,

Travis Carter & Co., manufacturers of sash, doors, blinds,
flooring and lumber of all kinds, are also extensive contractors,
and employ constantly about seventy-five men. Capital em-
ployed, $30,000.

Blish & Co.'s Flouring-mill for the manufacture of roller flour
was burned in October, 1885,'but is now being rebuilt with
larger capacity than ever. Estimated investment, $30,000.

Seymour Planing-mill, A. Massmann, proprietor, employs
about twenty hands.

Seymour Furniture Company removed to Seymour in 1885.
Estimated capital, $30,000.

John Humes, proprietor of planing-mill and contractor; em-
ploys some twenty hands.

Tight Barrel and Heading Company, established in 1875,
gives employment to at least 100 men constantly. Gibson &
McDonald, proprietors.

Seymour Slack Stave Company, incorporated; 1882, employs
about 30 men.

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