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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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tend to the ministry and to so large a school at the same time.
The church, therefore, resolved to have a special teacher for its
school, which at that time numbered sixty-five scholars. A call
was extended to Mr. H. C. Wagner, which was accepted by him,
and in February, 1882, he took charge of the school. Mr. Wag-
ner accepting a call to a Lutheran school at Chicago, Ill., in
1884, the church succeeded in getting Mr. W. H. Kastrup to con-
duct their school. Mr. Kastrup is a native of Washington County,
Ill., and is a graduate of the Lutheran Normal School, at Addison,
DuPage County, Ill. The school at present numbers ninety-five
children. The schoolhouse was built in 1874, at a cost of about
$1,500. Both church house and schoolhouse hardly afford the
necessary space, and the society contemplates building a new
church edifice, in the near future - a suitable site having already
been purchased for that purpose - and to use the present church
building for a school room.

The Emanuel Church has its own cemetery, situated about
two miles west of Seymour. The church is connected with the Ger-
man Evangelical Lutheran Synod, of Missouri, Ohio and other
States - the largest Lutheran body in this country.


This church in Seymour is one of three which form a circuit,
now known as the Seymour Circuit. The one is known as St.
Peter's Church near Reddington, in this county, of which Mr.
William Miller, Joseph Fox, C. Benkmann and others, are promi-
nent members; in 1870, Mr. C. Ackert, now of Seymour, was
the the leading member. The other church is located in the
German settlement, about four miles southwest of town. Promi-
nent among its members are Frederick Kasting, Frederick Thias,
George Pfaffenberger and D. Miller. This church was built
about only five years ago. The church in Seymour is by far
the largest of the three, and has a membership of about 100

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