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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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near the now town of Providence. They are of German descent.
Joseph died at his home in Owen Township, in 1851, his com-
panion dying some time before that. Allen took his first lessons
on the farm and early learned the secrets of farming well and
now annually farms about 700 acres. In 1846 he was married to
Martha M. Hall, daughter of Stewart Hall, of Brownstown Town-
ship. To them were born two children: Margaret M. and Darkes
A. Mrs. Goss died in 1858, and in 1859 Mr. Goss married Syl-
via E. Overman, to whom have been born three children: Oliver
M., Arva M. and Floyd A. Mr. Goss is a member of the Demo-
cratic party. He has never been in public life, and never wanted
to be. He fortunately knew his calling and made no mistake, as
many do in that respect.

HENRY E. GREGG, like many of southern Indiana, comes
from Kentucky ancestry, his parents, Henry and Margaret (Ed-
wards) Gregg, coming in an early day to Kentucky, Pulaski County,
then to Indiana, settling in Jackson County, where Henry E. was
born May 14, 1836, in Owen Township. His mother, Margaret
Gregg, is still living, in her eighty-third year; his father dying
some years ago. Henry E. was born and raised on a farm, and
is a farmer by occupation. He owns 150 acres of land in Carr
Township. He has never been in official life. He is a Democrat
in politics. In 1859 he was married to Rosa C. Cummings, daugh-
ter of James and Delila (Johnson) Cummings. To them have
been born thirteen children: Mary E., Louisa E., Margaret D.,
Manerva B., Charity M., Mariah, Ethel, Lillian, James and an in-
fant not named; three being deceased. Mr. Gregg's early an-
cestry were of Welsh and German origin, who were a very enter-
prising and intelligent people, from whom he has inherited his
chief traits of character. He takes a deep interest in his com-
munity, and is respected by all who know him.

STEPHEN HENDERSON was born November 24, 1815, in
Wythe County, Virginia, and is the sixth child of a family of
eight, born to John and Elizabeth (Tarten) Henderson. At the
age of twenty he left the farm where he had been raised and
learned the trade of brick-mason, which he followed until 1845,
when he went to Wisconsin and worked in the lead mines about
one year. In 1846 he went to Memphis and lived about six

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