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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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married April 30, 1850, to Nancy M. Sutton, who was born in
Scott County in 1828, and is the, daughter of Zackias and Susan
Sutton. To them have been born nine children: George E. (de-
ceased), Susan H., Missouri A., Barbara J., Sarah A. (deceased),
John H. and one other (deceased), Nancy R. and Ora A. Mr.
Sickels was a Democrat until 1860, when he became a Republican.
He is a man of intelligence and public spirit.

MARSHAL V. WILSON is one of the men met with in our
Western country who is apparently the product of his own energy
and resources, who, more than any other kind of men, fills the
era of his life and the sphere of his action full of his own indi-
viduality. He is a physician which he made out of himself just
to the extent he aimed, and just to the extent wanted by his peo-
ple around him. His father before him, Dr. Creed T. Wilson,
was one of the leading men of his day in his profession. Dr.
Marshal V. was the oldest child born to Creed T., and was born
in Lawrence County, Ind., March 9, 1835. His mother was
Ann E. Marshall, born in Cynthiana, Ky. He was educated in
the schools of his time. He adopted the profession of his father,
and read in the office of Dr. William H. Smith, of Leesville,
three years. He entered the Ohio Medical College of Cincinnati,
Ohio, in 1858, and attended through the year 1859 and part
of 1860. After finishing his term there he located at Leesville,
his old homestead, then afterward moved to Sparksville, where
he lived twelve months, and afterward to Heltonville, Lawrence
County, where he lived one year, and then returned to Leesville
and lived there about one year, then located in 1864 at Medora,
Jackson County, where he has lived ever since. He is a success
and everyone knows it. He is progressive and the people like
him for it. In one year his practice is at least $2,000.
In 1861 he was married to Miss Carrie Reed, of Law-
rence County, Ind., who died in 1869. To them were born three
children, two of whom are living: Anna and John T. April 14,
1872, he was again married to Mrs. N. C. Robinson (Murphy),
who was the widow of the late Dr. Thomas Robinson. To them
was born one child: Goldie, born February 8, 1879.

WEST LEE WRIGHT, one of the old settlers of Carr
Township, and the founder of the town of Medora, was a son of

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