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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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life only as trustee of his township. He is the owner of 100
acres of land near Vallonia. He was in Company F, in the Thir-
ty-first Indiana Volunteer Infantry, where he served in the de-
fense of his country ten months, the war closing at that time. He
was in the battles of Franklin and Nashville, Tennessee. In
1868 he was married to Miss Ida Smith, daughter of Henry G.
Smith, of Vallonia. She was born in 1850. To them have been
born five children: Henry J., Belle (deceased), Ralph A. and
Thomas H. Mr. Miller. is a member of the Masonic fraternity
and is a gentleman of high character.

MORSE B. SINGER was born in 1838 in Miami County,
Ohio. He is the fourth child of a family of eight born to Christo-
pher W. and Mary (Brown) Singer. Christopher Singer was born
in Germany, and his companion in Rhode Island, and came in an
early day to Ohio, where they were married. Morse B. spent his
early life on a farm, although his father was for many years a
merchant in Troy, Ohio. He chose farming and stock raising as his
calling, which he has prosecuted successfully, too. He is about
the largest land owner in Driftwood Township, owning 1,230
acres of land. He came to Jackson County in 1856. In addi-
tion to his successful career as a farmer, he has also been trustee
two terms. In 1861 he was married to Paulina Burchem, daugh-
ter of James Burchem, of Washington County. He lost his
companion in 1874 by death. To them were born seven children:
Albert, Clarence, James, Ola (deceased), Edith and Paulina. On
the 27th of September, 1879, he was again married to Miss
Solma Sontag, daughter of Morris Sontag. To this union have
been born five children: Emma, Myra, Morse B. and two infants
(deceased). Mr. Singer is a Republican in politics, and is
among the most popular men in his township, as well as the most
intelligent kind of farmers in the county.

TURNER W. THOMPSON is one of the old men who were
born and raised in Jackson County, his parents having come to the
county in 1817 from Kentucky: They were Jonas and Catherine
(Bottom) Thompson. Turner W. is the fifth of a family of nine.
He has always lived on the southern part of Driftwood Town-
ship, where he is rather an extensive farmer. He has a farm of
160 acres of land, and has always followed farming, preferring

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