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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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On the 29th of January, 1871, Mr. Blair was married to
Amanda E. Thompson, a native of this county, but of Irish ex-
traction; her parents, however, were natives of Washington
County, Md. Of the three children born by this marriage, Reova
R. and J. Robbie are living. In his political views Mr. Blair is
a Democrat, and in religion a Baptist, while his wife belongs to
the Christian Church.

JOHN H. BLISH is a native of Woodstock, Vt., and
was born April 21, 1822. He was one of a family of eight
children born to John and M. (Walis) Blish. He received a
liberal education, and graduated from Newberry Academy, Ver-
mont. Having a strong predilection for mathematics, he deter-
mined to gratify the bent of his mind, and studied civil engineer-
ing. He was later employed in this capacity by the Rutland &
Burlington Railroad. He severed his connection with this line,
and while en route to California in 1849, stopped off at Jeffer-
sonville, Ind., while the Jeffersonville, Madison & Indianapolis
Railroad was being built. Learning of his abilities, the com-
pany tendered him a position as civil engineer, which he ac-
cepted. He served the road in this capacity for several years.
He was married, in 1854, to Miss Sarah Shields, daughter of
Meedy Shields, mention of whom is made elsewhere. John
Blish was the founder of the Old Reliable Mill, recently burned,
and is vice-president of the First National Bank of Seymour,
and is identified with several local enterprises, but has practi-
cally retired from active business life, leaving the management
of his affairs to his sons, Meedy S. and Tipton. Mrs. Blish is a
descendant of the old pioneer stock of Jackson County, and is a
well-preserved lady of middle age, of great native ability, and
very conversant with the history of her section. They are the
parents of five children: Meedy, Emma, John, Lucy and Tipton.
John, the third son, is a graduate of the United States Naval
Academy, of the class of 1879. After taking a two-years' cruise
he was made a member of the faculty, occupying the chair of elec-
tricity and chemistry.

HON. JASON B. BROWN was born February 26, 1839, in Dear-
born County, Ind., and is a son of Robert D. Brown, a lawyer of
ability, and at one time State librarian, who is still living. His

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