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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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Charles is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and has filled
all the principal offices in the grand chapter and grand council,
and is the present Grand Master of Indiana, to which position he
was elected in 1884. In his own State his decisions on Masonic
law are considered the very best authority and have been so ac-
cepted in many other States. He has one of the largest Masonic
libraries in the State, as well as a large and well selected library
of miscellaneous works. He was married, October 27, 1874, to
Miss Belle C. Thurston, of Seymour. Four children have been
born to this union: George Mc., Albert P., Frank C. and Robert
T. Mr. Charles is in comfortable circumstances and has an ideal
home, with every convenience to make home happy.

DR. SAMUEL R. CHARLTON, of Seymour, was born in
Jefferson County, Ind., November 1, 1826. He is one of eleven
children born to Thomas and Alice (Henry) Charlton, who were
early settlers in Jefferson County. In early life he attended the
common schools of his native section, and also the county semin-
ary. On account of sickness he was prevented from attending
college. At the age of twenty years he began the study of medi-
cine with Dr. Solomon Davis and Dr. T. C. Gale, of Vevay. In
1850 he began the practice of his profession at Hardenburg, in
Jennings County, and remained there until 1854. At that time
he located in Vernon and continued his practice until March,
1858. While at Hardenburg, in December, 1852, he was married
to Cordelia Andrews, a daughter of Alanson and Minerva (Hard-
ing) Andrews, of Vernon. In March, 1858, he came to Seymour,
where he has ever since resided and practiced his profession. He
is a graduate of the Louisville University. He was assistant
surgeon in the Sixth Indiana Regiment during the civil war, and
was for five years a member of the Seymour board of health.
He was first vice-president of the Tri-State Medical Society, of In-
diana, Illinois and Kentucky in 1881, and was also vice-president
of the Indiana Medical Society in 1882. He was president of
the Mitchel District Society in 1878; president of Jackson County
Medical Society in 1878. In 1885 was elected member of the
council of the section of diseases of children, to the Interna-
tional Medical Congress, that will meet in Washington City in
1887. In politics the Doctor has always been a Republican.

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