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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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passed his boyhood upon his father's farm, and acquired the
rudiments of an education at the common schools and subse-
quently such a practical education from observation and the
experiences of life as to render him successful in his vocation.
He is fond of reading, especially history, and he has thus
acquired a considerable fund of general information. Mr. Fos-
ter was married August 18, 1853 to Catherine Zener, and they
have had one child, named Hiram, (who was born on the 3d of
June; 1854, is now married and resides on the old homestead, in
Jefferson County. Mrs. Foster is a native of this State, of Ger-
man extraction, and is a member of the Methodist Episcopal
Church. Mr. Foster has occupied his present place of abode
since 1870, and in his political views is a Republican.

MICHAEL FOX is a native of Germany, and a son of Jacob
and Mary Fox, who came to this country in 1847. Landing in New
Orleans, thence they went to Madison, from there to Jennings
County, where they settled upon a farm. The meager school
advantages of his section prevented his obtaining more than the
mere rudiments of an education. At the age of seventeen he
worked upon the Jeffersonville, Madison & Indianapolis and Ohio
& Mississippi Railroads for a short time. In 1863 he went to
Vernon, where he became an apprentice to Peter Fox. He con-
tinued here for nine years, and in 1872 married Miss Ella Gal-
lagher, of Jennings County. Six children have been born to
this union: Rosa, Charley, Alice, Flora, Georgia and Nellie, all
of whom are now living. February 12, 1873, he removed with
his family to Seymour, where he worked four years and six
months with Joseph Giger; moving thence to Hardenburg, where
he remained nine months. He afterward returned to Seymour,
where he opened up a shop. In 1884 he established, in connec-
tion with his shop, a boot and shoe store, where he caters to the
tastes of all in the productions of the art of St. Crispin. He
has here built up a very substantial trade. He and wife are
members of the Catholic Church. In politics he is a Democrat.

JOHN J. FREY is a native of Switzerland, and was born
April 26, 1821. Being the first son living of Casper and Doro-
thea (Noetzele) Frey, both natives of Switzerland. At the age
of thirteen Mr. Frey came with his parents to America, landing

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