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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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He was married, February, 1872, to Louisa M. Tinder. Four
children have blessed this union, all of whom are now living:
Effie, Richard, May and Charles. He is at present engaged in
the retail liquor business in Seymour, where he has been estab-
lished for four years. He is a member of the K. of H. In
politics he is a Democrat.

DR. JAMES H. GREEN, of Seymour, is a native of Jef-
ferson County, Ind., born December 19, 1824. His parents were
Abram and Hannah Green, natives of Tennessee and Ohio
respectively. Dr. Green's early education was limited; his
mother having died while he was yet young he was thrown
upon his own resources, and consequently had no advantages for
schooling. He left home with but 25 cents, and but one suit of
clothes, that being of very cheap material and home-made. He
went to Louisville, and without a cent in his pocket, having spent
the 25 cents on his way, he set out in quest of work, first applying
to James McCrung, a merchant of that city, who was so favorably
impressed with the honest face of young Green, that he gave
him employment. He commenced blacking boots, but was soon
given a clerkship, and after a short time was by his employer sent
to college at Bloomington, Ind., where he remained for three years.
Leaving the college he entered the office of Hon. David McClure,
of Scottburgh, where he read medicine until 1846, at which date
he entered the medical college at Louisville, and later attended
lectures at the Ohio Medical College, from which institution he
graduated in 1856, then located at Dudleytown, in which com-
munity the greater part of his professional labors have been per-
formed. In 1864 he was elected county treasurer and re-elected
in 1866. In 1870 he came to Seymour, where he has since lived.
In 1847 Dr. Green was married to Miss Emily Barnes, and this
union has been blessed by eight children: Dr. William, Norman
L., Nellie, Ollie, Frank, Ida and James.

GEORGE F. HARLOW is a native of the State of Hanover,
Germany, and was born October 31, 1833. One year and a half
after his birth, his parents immigrated to America, landing in
Baltimore. Going thence, partly by land and some distance by
canal, they arrived at Wheeling, W. Va. Here they embarked
upon a steamer for Cincinnati, Ohio, where they landed about the

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