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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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a deep thinker, a fluent speaker and a man of well defined and
honest principles, he has been elected by his party, the Democ-
racy, to many important positions of trust. Accordingly, he
represented Jennings County in the Legislature at its extra ses-
sion of 1858, and regular session of 1859; also Jackson County
in 1878-80, and has been ten years a member of the city council
of Seymour. He is an active member also of the Masonic, Odd
Fellow and Knights of Pythias orders; is benevolent, sympa-
thetic, and never above assisting the needy. In August, 1843,
Dr. Shields married Miss Eliza J., daughter of Huffman Barton,
of New York, a well educated and talented lady, being a grad-
uate of an Eastern college. The children of Dr. and Mrs.
Shields, now living, are two in number, namely Scott and Mrs.
Elizabeth Ross. The latter is a graduate of Glendale, Ohio, and
of the Cincinnati Music School, and is the possessor of a violin
valued at several thousands of dollars.

DR. JAMES M. SHIELDS was the second born to James S.
and Mary E. (Martin) Shields. His father, James S., was a na-
tive of Jennings County, Ind. He was a physician by profession.
Dr. James M. Shields, the subject of this sketch, was born April
10, 1859, at Mitchell, Lawrence County. He attended the com-
mon schools of his section, and then graduated at the high school.
In 1878 he entered the office of his father and Dr. J. T. Shields.
He afterward attended the Kentucky School of Medicine, where
he graduated two years later, in 1880. He was married, in Oc-
tober, 1883, to Miss Emma Brown. One child has been born to
this union - Frank B. He was appointed pension examiner of the
board of examining surgeons of the Third Congressional District
at North Vernon. He has also held the office of clerk of the
board of health of the city of Seymour. He is at present presi-
dent of the board of health of Jackson County. He is a member
of the order of K. of P., holding the position of chancellor com-
mander. The Doctor is rather retiring in disposition, affable and
courteous in demeanor, and has a bright future before him. His
wife is a member of the Baptist Church. In politics he is a

LYCURGUS L. SHIELDS, of Seymour, was born in this
county, May 19,1834, the first son of M. W. and Eliza P.(Ewing)

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