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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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HENRY J. SMITH, of Seymour, is a native of Clarke
County, Ind., and was born June 6, 1842. His parents were
William T. and Sarah (Wiseman) Smith, both natives of
Kentucky. Henry's education is only such as the common
schools of his time afforded. At the age of fifteen he began the
saw-mill business, an occupation that he has followed most of his
life. In 1858 he went to Louisville and remained for two years.
He enlisted early in the war in the Forty-ninth Regiment,
Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and served until September, 1865,
when he was honorably discharged. During his term of service
he was engaged in the battles of Vicksburg, Champion Hills,
Port Gibson, besides a number of skirmishes. At the close of
the war he returned to Louisville and remained until 1867. He
then moved to Austin, in Scott Co., Ind., still pursuing the saw-
mill business. Four years later he moved to Jackson County and
located at Chestnut Ridge. From there in 1880 he came to
Seymour, where he owns a mill. In addition to this he controls
a mill at Austin and one in Kentucky. June 3, 1866, Martha E.
Louis became his wife.

JOHN STAUDT is a native of Prussia. He is a son of M.
and Katrina (Mersche) Staudt. His father was a farmer and
slate miner. Mathias Staudt and Katrina Mersche were married
May 20, 1821. Nine children were born to this union - seven boys
and two girls. This happy couple, after half a century of wedded
bliss, celebrated their golden wedding in Seymour, May 20, 1871.
However, most of their lives were spent in the dear old father-
land. They immigrated to America in 1864, to meet their son,
who had preceded them eleven years. John Staudt was born
April 5, 1828, in Prussia. His early occupation was that of a
farmer and slate miner. His education was obtained in the vil-
lage school of his neighborhood. Becoming dissatisfied with
the meager advantages offered a poor man for advancement in his
native land, he immigrated to America in 1852. He settled in
Jackson County in the latter part of 1853, his occupation at this
time being that of a common laborer. He was married in 1856,
to Ursula Zimmer. Three children blessed this union, only one
of whom is living, G. M. Staudt, who is now a machinist and
engineer of the new fire engine of Seymour. John Staudt, the

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