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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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Brunn again mourned a wife's death. In the same year Phoebe
C. Callallan became his third wife. They are the parents of
three children: Jacob E. Alpha E. and Cora. Mr. Brunn is a
member of the Odd Fellows fraternity, and one of the industri-
ous men of his community.

DR. GEORGE CHUTE is a native of Washington County,
Ohio. He was born June 8, 1825, being the eldest son of Will-
iam and Anna Chute. His parents were natives of Maine and
Ohio, and were descendants of the old Yankee and Dutch ele-
ments of the Eastern States. George's early schooling was
received in a log schoolhouse of his native county. At the age
of seventeen he entered the academy at Marietta, Ohio, where he
remained about one year. About this time he began the study
of medicine with Dr. Freeman, of Marietta, devoting but a por-
tion of his time to the study. In the fall of 1844 he entered a
medical college at Cincinnati, under Prof. Alva Curliss. Having
graduated from that institution in the spring of 1861, he came
to Indiana and began the practice of his profession in Freetown.
Being conscious of the responsibilities of a physician, Mr. Chute
understood that a medical college diploma was not a synonym for
the words "skilled practitioner," and he has been untiring in his
devotion to the study of the science. As a result of his efforts
he was most successful, and acquired an extensive practice. De-
cember, 1848, he married Mary J. Nichol, a native of Pennsylva-
nia. To them have been born six children, of whom three are
living: Edna, Eliza and Roxena. He is a member of the F. &
A. M., and in politics is a Democrat. Of late years the Doctor's
health has been failing, and he has given up the practice of call-
ing upon his patients.

JAMES OLIVER CROSS, of Salt Creek Township, was
born in Tennessee April 16, 1830, he being the second son of
William and Mariam Cross. His father and mother (whose
maiden name was Mormon) were both born in North Carolina,
and both moved to this State in 1816, locating where Seymour
now stands. The county was at that time a wilderness, and In-
dians roamed through the forest unmolested. They were married
in 1822, and soon after they moved to North Carolina, and shortly
from thence to Tennessee, where Oliver was born. In 1831 they

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