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Reading: 1886: History of Jackson County, Indiana. Brant and Fuller.

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Township, where he was born September 9, 1860, is a son of
George W. and Mahala (White) Motsinger, natives of Washing-
ton County. The education of Charles W. was obtained in the
common schools and by attending one term at the Clear Spring
Academy. He was reared on the farm where most of his life
has been spent. He was born in the vicinity of Freetown and,
with the exception of two years spent in the West, has always
made his home in Salt Creek Township. September 13, 1885,
he was married to Jennie Thompson, from Houston. In the fall
of 1884 he began doing a drug trade which is increasing. He
is one of the rising young business men of Jackson County.

WATSON O. SCOTT, a teacher of Salt Creek Township, is
a son of Rev. A. and Mary J. (Hanna) Scott, both natives of
Ohio and of Scotch descent. The father was well educated,
and taught school until he entered the ministry in the Methodist
Episcopal Church. He is a Mason and a Democrat. Watson O.
was born in Washington County, Ohio, December 16, 1861. He
received a good education and entered Moore's Hill College. He
began teaching in 1880 and is in his fourth term as teacher.
July 4, 1883, he was united in marriage to Mary J. Brown, a
native of Brown County, Ind. Two children have been born to
them: William B. and an infant unnamed. He has inherited the
political sentiments of his father.

HIRAM SPRAGUE, a prominent citizen of Salt Creek
Township, and one of the reliable teachers of the county, was
born in Marion County, Ohio, October 7, 1834. His parents,
John and Mary (Taylor) Sprague, were both of Belmont County,
Ohio, and of Irish-Dutch extraction. Hiram was reared on the
farm and received sufficient education at home and in the com-
mon schools to enable him to teach. This he began at the age
of twenty-six, and after teaching six winters he came to Indiana.
He is now living on the same farm entered by his father in 1851.
After coming here he continued teaching and has now taught
fourteen schools in this State. April 16, 1870, he married Mary
A. Lloyd, a native of Muskingum County, Ohio. Their two
children are named John O. and George C. Both Mr. and Mrs.
Sprague are members of the United Brethren Church, in which
he is now one of the trustees. He is a Democrat and one of the
most highly respected men of Salt Creek Township.

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