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Zollman Commissary about 1910, Medora, Carr Township

Businesses: Jackson Township

Seymour, Indiana: Ahlbrand Carriage Company: "We have been manufacturing buggies in Seymour since 1869 and some of the old timers are still in service," reads a 1915 advertisement for this business on the front of the 1915 Directory of the City of Seymour ....  The company's slogan: "manufacturers of 'built-to-wear' buggies." The photo shows the business when it was located on the south side Laurel St, west of the railroad.  In 1887 the Seymour Carriage Factory, E.H. Ahlbrand, proprietor, appears on a Sanborn Fire Insurance Map on the west side of Carter St between Tipton and Bruce.  By 1892 it has expanded through the block to Chestnut St.  By 1907 the factory also is on the east side of Carter St.  

On July 7, 1909, a Seymour newspaper reported that plans had been completed and a contract awarded for the new Ahlbrand Carriage Factory which would have a 60-foot front on Laurel Stt and extend 200 feet along the railroad, giving it a 45,000 square foot floor space with an engine room in the southeast corner.  A 20 by 20 paint shop was to bring the total to 50,000 square feet.  G. Taskey and Son of Seymour received the contract to build the four-story structure of Jackson County brick.  Some 75,000 bricks already had been cleaned at the old factory site for re-use in the new building which was expected to take 12 weeks to complete.  On August 24 the newspaper reported work had resumed after the collapse of part of a "green" third floor area a few days earlier.

In 1913 the SFI Map shows the factory at the Laurel St location by the railroad.  By 1922 the company's directory advertising carried the same slogan but added, "auto tops recovered, auto painting, California auto tops, auto truck tires."  By 1924 the SFI Map shows Ahlbrand M'f'g Co. Inc. on North O'Brien St.

Businesses: Banks

Brownstown, Indiana: Peoples Bank: Peoples Bank is listed under construction on the north corner of the courthouse square at Walnut & Main Sts on a fire insurance map in 1892.  Entrance to Opera House in second story above the bank and two businesses to the west is to the right on Main Street at the north side of the bank; Fassold Tailor Shop is left on Walnut St.  This building has been replaced by a new Peoples Bank building.  Prior to the 1892 construction, a grocery is shown at that location in 1887

Medora, Indiana: Citizens Bank: 1911 photo shows bank with facade that indicates erection in 1910.  The bank still was on Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps in 1913 but by 1927 when the next map for Medora was drawn, a store is shown at that location. 

Medora, Indiana: Medora State Bank: 1925 interior with tobacco hanging from ceiling on East Main Street begs for additional explanation not yet found.  The bank appeared on the town fire insurance maps in 1902 and remained there in 1927. 

Seymour, Indiana: First National Bank: Early exterior of building on Chestnut at 2nd St.  Advertisement in the 1915 Directory of the City of Seymour ... reports that the bank was organized in 1865 and had capital stock of $100,000; surplus and undivided profits of $56,000 and resources of $883,000.  C.D. Billings was president; Benj. F. Schneck, vice president; and J.H. Andrews, cashier.  Additional directors were O.H. Montgomery and Chas. H. Cordes.  The bank offered three percent interest on time deposits and a "fire proof and burglar proof vault."


Businesses: Brick Plants


Businesses: Street Scenes: Brownstown: Courthouse Square

Brownstown, Indiana: Courthouse Square, Walnut & Sugar Sts : Lucas Feed Store 1920s, northeast corner of Walnut & Sugar Sts; Miller & Henderson, later Robertson & Robertson livery barn until at least 1915; wagon, blacksmith and printing shop 1887.  Sign on the window says "...and City Coal." Car is a 1920s model.  Building presently is part of Jackson County Historical Society complex.

Brownstown, Indiana: Courthouse Square, Walnut & Main Sts :  Peoples Bank, built c1890 [see entry under Businesses: Banks]


Businesses: Street Scenes: Seymour: Chestnut Street


Businesses: Street Scenes: Seymour: Second Street



Vernon Township

Uniontown, Indiana: E side US 31: Moseley's Grocery, n.d. Grace Moseley & Jewel Carpenter.

Uniontown, Indiana: E side of US 31: grocery decorated for recording artist John Mellencamp video shoot, n.d.