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Seymour, Indiana: Aerial View of Freeman Field at completion, 1943

Seymour, Indiana: Some details at Freeman Field during the Second World War give a new meaning to "boot camp."

Seymour, Indiana: Cadet Ken McKain of Cortland prepares to fly a Steerman Trainer PT17 at Freemen Field. He became a casualty of battle.

Seymour, Indiana: Once the farm home of Chester Miller, this became the residence of the Freeman Field base commander, Colonel E.T. Rundquist

Seymour, Indiana: Army Air Force Units from Freeman Field in formation over Indiana, 1943

Seymour, Indiana: German Junker JU-88s on ramp by squadron hangar at Freeman Field for evaluation, n.d.

Once at Freeman Field, Seymour, Indiana, for evaluation, a German Horten 229 "Flying Wing" is unloaded from a train in August 1945 to await restoration at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC

Seymour, Indiana: Hair clippers are applied to soldier at Freeman Field during the Second World War

Seymour, Indiana: Horses plow the 20 acres of Freeman Field Victory Garden directed by Captain Rudolph Brannan, post adjutant

Seymour, Indiana: Soldier, possibly among the Tuskeegee airmen once stationed at Seymour, takes a turn on a Link Trainer at Freeman Field to learn instrument flying

Seymour, Indiana: Soldier Paul Cramer stands beside the sign marking the entrance to Freeman Field on Airport Road at US 50, n.d.

Seymour, Indiana: Military policeman and his friend smile for the camera before rounds at Freeman Field

Seymour, Indiana: Training exercise takes airmen over an obstacle course at Freeman Field during WWII

Seymour, Indiana: Earning a new patch results in learning other skills for soldiers & officers at Freeman Field

Seymour, Indiana: Flyers in fleece-lined jackets gather by planes for a bit of hangar flying before training at Freeman Field during WWII

Seymour, Indiana: The Spirit of Seymour is a Republic P47 that area residents financed through purchase of war bonds

Seymour, Indiana: WACS eager for news from friends gather for mail call at Freeman Field

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