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View of Tampico, Indiana.jpg
A postcard of Tampico, Indiana

View of Sugar Street Mooney Indiana.jpg
A postcard of Sugar Street in Mooney, Indiana

Vallonia Public School.jpg
A postcard of a public school building in Vallonia, Indiana

Vallonia Concert Band.jpg
A postcard of the Vallonia Concert Band

Vallonia Canning Company.jpg
A postcard of the Vallonia Canning Company in Vallonia, Indiana

Vallonia 1915 Homecoming.jpg
A Homecoming in Vallonia, Indiana

The Coffee Pot Austin Indiana.jpg
A postcard of The Coffee Pot in Austin, Indiana

Taxi vs Train Wreck.jpg
A postcard of a train wreck that took place a few miles north of Seymour, Indiana

Tampico Baptist Church.jpg
A postcard of the Baptist Church in Tampico

Shields High School Color.jpg
A postcard of Shields High School in Seymour, Indiana

Seymour Woolen Mills.jpg
A postcard of the Seymour Woolen Mills in Seymour, Indiana

Seymour Ice Plant.jpg
A postcard of the Ice Plant in Seymour, Indiana