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CCC Camp Btown hs79.tif
Veteran Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Co. 1556, Camp 555 Brownstown, Indiana

CCC Camp Btown hs80.tif
Capt. Ewyn T. Wisk, FARes Commanding Officer of the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp in Brownstown. Photo includes the Infirmary and the barracks.

Ftown CCC Camp wc124.tif
#1527th Co. Civilian Conservation Corps Camp, PE73, in Freetown, Indiana. Close view.

Ftown CCC Camp wc125.tif
#1527th Co. Civilian Conservation Corps Camp, PE 73, Freetown, Indiana. A distant view of the camp.

JC Poor Farm gj54.tif
Jackson Co. Infirmary, Brownstown

Cvl Fair Aircraft st25.tif
William S. Brock and a 6-cylinder airplane from the early 1900's. News clipping describes early Crothersville fairs.

Float US Shoe bb25.tif
Parade float with a shoe in the Crothersville Red, White and Blue Festival parade

Parade 2 Kids bb26.tif
2 children and a dog in Crothersville Red, White and Blue Festival parade. The readable portion of the sign says, "Hound Dog you ain't never killed a Rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine."

Parade Stage Horses bb27.tif
Miniature stagecoach in Crothersville Red, White and Blue Festival parade

footage of the construction of the library in Medora, Indiana, filmed between April 1991 and February 1992; includes ribbon cutting ceremony on January 18, 1992

JC Fair Cnsrv Display tr145.tif
Jackson Co. Conservation Club display at the Jackson County Fair

Cat Judging bb52.tif
Cat judging at Jackson County Fair

footage filmed between April 1991 and September 1992 documenting the renovation and expansion project of the library in Seymour, Indiana

segments from Cable News 2 about the construction project that included the expansion and renovation of the Seymour Public Library and the construction of branches in Crothersville and Medora; includes footage from a hearing on the project

James E. O'Donnell, a survivor of the USS Indianapolis disaster, speaking in a program at the Jackson County Public Library in Seymour, Indiana, on January 12, 2002
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