Jackson County Public Library is located in Seymour, Indiana. This page is our latest effort in preservation of our local history and the use of technology to bring that history to our patrons in every way possible.

This project began with the Jackson County, Indiana, History & Picture Archive, a growing collection of texts and pictures about this southern Indiana county.

Digital images of texts and pictures presenting the history of Jackson County, Indiana, on this Web site are made available through the Jackson County Digital Archive Project for viewers’ enjoyment and study and not for commercial use or reproduction which may be restricted under U.S. and foreign copyright laws. The images are among a few thousand photographs and other documents converted to digital format during the project in the winter and spring of 2002. Only a selection of the images so far has been prepared for display on the Website that went online in May 2002. Viewers are invited to return as more images are added.

The digitized images are those made from both copies and original prints offered by individuals and organizations who have collected the images for years – out of a love and appreciation of the past from which the county has grown, out of a love and appreciation of their own families, friends and neighbors.

The Jackson County Digital Archive Project does not own the materials from which the digital collection was produced and therefore cannot give or deny permission relating to use of the materials. Determining rights and restrictions created by copyright and privacy or publicity rights may be difficult and such determination is the obligation of the user.

The federal Institute of Museums and Library Services funded the project under provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Indiana State Library. A goal in addition to providing the images for study and enjoyment is conservation of documents that are disappearing through age and neglect and that are further damaged by repeated handling in their original state.