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Ryder Packing Seymour cIHS Bass 1.jpg
Photos of machinery used at Ryder Packing

Burcham Barn Collapse.jpg
Interior photo of holes in Burcham barn roof

Kilgas Auctioneer at farm sale
Kilgas Auction 1978

Loads of corn at canning factory
Canning Factory in Jackson County, IN, unspecified

Medora Canning Company, Medora, IN
Medora Canning Factory, Indiana

Vallonia Canning Co. in 1912, discontinued in the late 1950's.
Canning plant at Vallonia, IN circa 1912-1914

One of Crothersville's first milk routes driven by Bertha Blau (Kovener), photo from around 1915.
Crothersville Milk Route 1915

Photos of the farm belonging to the Kellers, Trimpes, and Kastings. Winner of the 1998 John Arnold Rural Preservation Award, Historic Landmark Foundation

Old Breeding Barn on North Hill Stock Farm, Houston, IN, owned by Jacob Lutes coming down, narrow view.
Lutes Horse Farm including two brochures and the new buildings, family photos

May Mann in outfit with fur collar.
Photos of the Mann Family and businesses in Freetown, IN

Anna's school at Surprise
One-room classroom in connection with the Vehslage farm photographs

Lonn Stuckwish and champion cantaloupes in 1960
Stuckwish cantaloupes

Lindsey Stuckwish, Sara Ticen, Emily Ticen and Amy Stuckwish - Pap-paw's melon is ready for the Jackson County Fair in 1960.
Stuckwish Children and Watermelon

Vallonia Melons 1915 jh1.tif
Vallonia Melons 1915
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