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In Sixth annual report of the Geological Survey of Indiana, pp. 41-75.

George D. Bennett farm, Land description

Tax receipts from the 1850s and 1869. Blaze Robertson is named.

Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Remains - from Tom Melton
Remains of a chimney at one of the buildings of the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp outside of Brownstown.

Reno Gang of Seymour by Volland chapter 1.pdf
a manuscript with 16 chapters, an appendix, images, and a bibliography by Robert Frederick Volland written in 1948 as a master's thesis

Triennial Farm Atlas & Residents Directory (1).pdf
Triennial Farm Atlas and Residents Directory of Jackson County, Indiana 1967 including plat maps and listings of land owners

My Experiences at Freeman Field, Seymour, IN chapter only (1).pdf
The wartime memoirs of Edwin Carlsten from his unpublished manuscript, No Medals

Atlas contains maps of the townships, towns and cities of Jackson County, Indiana, the State of Indiana, and the United States. It also contains a two-page description of the land survey practices used for land sales and images of county officials,…

a constantly updated document of plots, birth and death dates, etc.

Sidwell Plat Book of Jackson County Cover - from Indiana State Library
undated Sidwell plat book of Jackson County, possibly between 1925-1945

Allen Shepard - store, history under picture, Brownstown, Jackson Co. Historical Society picture. - from R.R. (Phil) Robertson, bw 6.39x6.55
Photo of Shepard's Store with the store history

Description of various points of interest in Jackson County including covered bridges, farm markets, a round barn, Starve Hollow State Park, and others.
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