McClure Farm


McClure Farm


Horse team with harness, ca 1920's.
Grace ? and old truck, ca 1920's.
Swimmers, note bathing suits, ca 1920's.
Frank Gray, ca 1920's.
Two boys and one man in scout uniforms, ca 1920's
Picnic, 1922.
Group of young people in front of stores in Crothersville, IN, ca 1920's.
Group of men on hay rake, note old truck in background, ca 1920's.
Group of women and children, ca 1920's.
Young man on bicycle, ca 1920's.
Men seated and standing on old hay rake, ca 1920's.
Young couple with baby, ca 1920's.
Man and boy pulling hay rake, ca 1920's.
Man in old car, ca 1920's.
Two ladies in an old car, ca 1920's.
Lady in old car, second lady standing behind car, ca 1920's.
Unknown man holding "Old Glory", ca 1920's.
Swengel Dairy Co., 1923, Seymour.
Home of Florence Downing at 122 N. Poplar, Seymour, ca 1920's.
Mother and Grandpa (of Florence Downing) and Virginia, ca 1920's, note hand pump in yard.
Three employees at Swengel Dairy, 1923, in Seymour.



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